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Shake off winter with the most coveted of spring flowers! Enjoy 1 bouquet each month of March, April, and May made up of ranunculus, alliums, anemones, heirloom daffodils, tulips and more. Blooms vary week to week, so every bouquet is a new experience to enjoy.


Each bouquet comes with 10-12 incredible spring flowers. These beauties commonly last a week or longer since they are cut the same day or day before you receive them. Some flowers may arrive still closed, but don't worry because they will open up! Each flower is harvested at the right stage to ensure you enjoy their beauty for the maximum amount of time.


Please remember, we are on this journey of spring bounty together. As a farmer, I am humbled by Mother Nature. As a planner and perfectionist, I work hard to mitigate the challenges she sends though sometimes she reminds me who's boss. Crops can be late to bloom or can be taken out completely by our wild spring weather.  For this reason, I do not offer refunds in the rare event of a crop failure. I greatly appreciate your willingness to share this journey with me including the risks and rewards. For my part, I promise to work tirelessly to uphold my end of the bargain and deliver sustainable, local, fresh flowers to you each month. 

March - May: Spring Medley

Sales Tax Included
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