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Curated Bouquets and Seasonal Subscriptions


From an unassuming suburban neighborhood in Albuquerque's NE Heights, comes hundreds of lovingly grown and carefully curated bouquets of seasonal flowers. On this micro flower farm, each plant type and variety is selected for fragrance, color, texture, the ability to tolerate our weather, or because it is something not commonly found in New Mexico. I strive to offer Albuquerque’s brides, designers and flower lovers beautiful blooms that have intoxicating fragrance and luxurious colors that are all chemical free. Each flower is harvested at the right stage to give you the maximum number of days to enjoy their glory. I invite you to take a look around and contact me if you have questions.


Seasonal Delight

Bring local beauty home

Why local flowers? I'm so glad you asked! Local flowers are a touchstone of the here and now. A fresh cut bouquet with delightful colors, scents and textures is a reminder - or a lesson - that flowers are naturally available only during certain windows of time which increases their splendor. Enjoy this ephemeral beauty with a seasonal bouquet subscription for your favorite time of year. Premium subscriptions are available for summer, fall, or the whole season. 


Necessity not Luxury

A vision of long-term health

Purchasing flowers locally goes beyond a beautiful bouquet or economic support for farmers.

Growing on a small-scale brings a diverse life of birds, insects, micro-organisms and more into urban and suburban areas that are generally low or devoid of food and habitat. Sustainable practices improve soil which helps manage heat accumulation, stores atmospheric carbon and increases water retention. Working to build rich soil on a once disturbed site builds the soil microbiome which reduces inputs for plants because the micro-organisms do the work of recycling waste into rich nutrients.

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Rooted in Place

Where enchantment and gratitude meet

Farm 47 stands for New Mexico - the 47th state. As an Albuquerque native, I am proud to be crafting my skills as a grower in the place I have always called home. As a teenager, I couldn't wait to leave the state with its brown landscape and less than 7" of annual rain. Now I appreciate the nuance of the desert and the rich ecosystem that thrives with little resources and harsh heat.


It is a delight to grow plants that enrich the lives of people in my community while using practices that enhance the place I live. I am proud to buy from, sell to, and work with Albuquerque businesses to keep our economy healthy. I am grateful for all of the love and support I have received on this journey so far and hope to continue to create value with the plants that I put into the world.

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